Competitive Advantage

​Developing your business in the Maranoa region is cost effective. The expense required to develop your business in our region is significantly lower than in Brisbane or Sydney, with lower land costs and lower wages contributing to significant savings in the Maranoa. Both of these factors also translate into lower taxes for established businesses in the Maranoa.

New Business Cost Comparison

Metal Product Manufacturing, 2,500sqm, 30 Employees​

​Business CostsMaranoaBrisbaneSydney
Land Cost$450,000​$833,333$1,178,571
Worker's Compensation Costs$41,619​$50,994$107,029
Payroll Tax Costs$16,297​$31,738$77,156
Land Tax$3,150​$9,667$12,045
Stamp Duty$14,175​$26,775$161,688
Total Costs $1,968,342 $2,720,671 $3,702,187
Savings in Maranoa $752,329$1,733,845

​Source: AEC​​