This is a foundation sector in the Maranoa, contributing 11.1% to total industry value add (IVA) in 2018-19.  This is down from 18.2% in the period since 2013-14.  Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing contributed 16% to total employment in 2018-19.

In Maranoa, this industry has established infrastructure and facilities, suitable lands and soils as well as long standing agent's networks, which has contributed to the continued success of the cropping, horticulture and livestock production areas within the industry, in spite of the ongoing drought. 

IVA declined by 2.0% over the analysed period (2013 to 2019), however employment increased by 2.3%. The change was caused by increased employment in agricultural enterprises, and declining participation in support services, fishing and hunting occupations. This is a consequence of restructuring in the local timber milling industry, and a small decline in the macropod harvesting industry participants. In 2018-19, agriculture, forestry and fishing was the largest contributor to total businesses in Maranoa, at 53.4% (​