The Maranoa construction industry contributed 6.6% to total industry value add (IVA) ​in 2018-19 compared to 8.8% of Queensland IVA. Construction contributed 10.8% to total employment in 2018-19. Growth in construction activity has subdued, declining by a substantial 24.8% in IVA,​ and accounted for a decline of 6.3% in employment over the analysed period. This is due to the major construction work associated with gas infrastructure and flood recovery work from the 2010-12 period concluding. In 2018-19, construction contributed to 10% of businesses in Maranoa, a decline of 5.3% since 2014-15 (Table A.2). This is due to the transition of projects from the construction phase of the liquefied Natural gas projects, APLNF (Origin) and Santos (GLNG), to operations phase, and the subsequent out migration of contractor and suppliers.