​Nearly 25% of total workers in Roma identified that they worked within the public service at hospitals, schools, and State and Local Government administration centres throughout the town.

The public service cluster in Roma, services the needs of the broader south-west Queensland region, the channel country, and northern NSW, with an estimated population of approximately 28,000 people. Roma is a service centre for delivery, roads, social services, professional services and education. 

Considering the large proportion of the labour force that is employed in the public service, the sector is incredibly important for the long-term prosperity of the community in Roma. The town has established its status as the public service hub for the region, and its presence is essential for the smooth operation of government services in western Queensland. In addition to contributing significantly to the economy by way of wages, the public service is also a considerable client of local businesses.

​Capital, maintenance, and operational requirements of government departments and the Maranoa Regional Council result in local demand for trades, professional services and general supplies. Notwithstanding the fluctuations in the economy, the demand for goods and services within the public service is likely to remain fairly constant for the foreseeable future.