​​​While manufacturing is not currently a significant contributor to Gross Regional Product (GRP) or employment, the industry has the potential to increase its value of output to become an important aspect of the Maranoa’s economy. 

​The processing of kangaroo in Maranoa is the largest contributor to game meat processing in the region. Although the kangaroo supply has previously been identified as sufficient to support the industry into the future, the recent emergence of exclusion fences poses a significant risk to the Macropod Harvesting Industry. Exclusion fences enable better (total) land management of feral animals and native fauna, however, prohibits kangaroos accessing food and water. Rapid reduction in kangaroo numbers is evident as a result. This threat needs to be addressed to avoid the decline of this industry in Maranoa. 

The presence of the Roma Saleyards provides a potential opportunity for synergies with meat processing of beef, sheep, lamb or goat. The processing of these will potentially be supported by the proposed Maranoa Meat Processing Facility which has undergone a pre-feasibility study which is soon to be updated (Maranoa Regional Council, 2018).  This facility provides the potential to increase sheep production for meat processing and assist the wool (particularly merino) industry to re-emerge and bring employment opportunities to smaller communities.