Natural Resource Extraction

Mining is a key contributor to the region’s economy, accounting for approximately 30% of the region’s economic activity. Whilst employing a relatively small workforce, mining significantly supports the operations and prosperity of external businesses in the region. At 30 June 2015, it was estimated that 1,760 non-resident resource-sector workers were also employed in the region.

Two multi-billion dollar Coal-Seam Gas (CSG) projects are in progress in the Maranoa, both of which involve significant local investment. Origin Energy’s Australia-Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas (APLNG) and Santos Ltd’s Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas (GLNG) projects have a significant presence in Roma, Injune, Wallumbilla and the surrounding gas fields. The long-term drilling and operations phases of these projects are expected to drive economic growth in the region for the next 20 to 30 years.