Retail & Services

The Maranoa is a major regional centre in south-west Queensland, and services a population base of around 28,000 people.  Accordingly most Commonwealth and State Government services are coordinated from the Maranoa and Roma in particular. 

Due to the plentiful job opportunities available in the Maranoa and the buoyant resources and agricultural sectors, the regional population has enjoyed relative stability over the last five years. A stronger services sector has emerged with growth in the Health and Professional sectors on the back of increased demand for the mining and construction sectors.  Available data proves that the retail and service sector has grown significantly as a result of the activity. The average annual growth across the professional services, hospitality, health, and retail industries has been approximated at 15% over the six year period to June 2013. New residents will continue to demand an increased variety of retail and service offerings, supporting the sector's growth over the coming decades.

The importance of the retail and professional services sector is not limited to its direct employment and wealth generation, it also contributes to the productivity of the entire regional economy. Important services such as lawyers, accountants, and banks are all located in the region, ensuring that local enterprises are not disadvantages compared to their metropolitan counterparts. As with other thriving towns and regions, the retail sector in Roma caters for a wide variety of consumer desires including electronics, homewar​es, groceries, medical supplies and clothing, but to name a few. The presence of a highly-developed retail and service sector allows businesses and individuals to capitalise on the opportunities in the local agricultural and resources sectors, whilst simultaneously realising the liveability benefits that make living in rural Queensland so great!