China trip opens doors to future investment in Maranoa

​​Council’s Mayor Tyson Golder and Manager for Economic & Community Development Ed Sims travelled to Shanghai with 300 delegates as part of the Toowoomba & Surat Basin Enterprise’s Access China tour. An exceptional opportunity for the Maranoa, Council took this chance to share with the ever-growing Chinese market all the Maranoa region has to offer.

Mayor Tyson Golder said that the trip confirmed that the Maranoa has a promising future in China.

“This trip has paved the way for a new era of relationships between China and the Maranoa. Our region offers many industries which we predict will be of significant value to the Chinese,” Cr Golder said.

“During the four day tour, we found out that there is a huge demand for protein and food products in China as their population continues to grow (China currently has 20% of the world’s population).

During the tour, meetings took place with individuals from key corporations including:

  • Bank of China

  • Austrade (China)

  • Australian/China Chamber of Commerce

  • Asset Investment Companies

  • Australian Wool Innovation (Hong Kong representatives)

  • NAB Greater China

  • China Office of Trade and Invest Queensland.

“These meetings revealed that there are definitely opportunities available for the Maranoa in livestock/beef production, wool, LNG production, agriculture, timber and tourism. This opportunity was also used to promote the case for a meatworks to a number of parties.

 “With strong relationships the foundation of any new business endeavour, this trip has paved the way for what I hope to be a prosperous future with Chinese business and investment – I’m excited for what lies ahead!”