Council votes on a way forward for the Roma Saleyards

​Deputy Mayor Jan Chambers, who brought the proposal to Council on behalf of Council as a whole, said as evidenced by the last few months, there have been different views within and between groups of stakeholders and their representatives (that is within vendor, buyer and agent groups).

Out of the consultation to date, there has been a number of key themes and matters for Council to consider going forward:
1.There is a need to provide key information about major changes.
2.A lead time is required for implementation of major changes.
3.A number of matters on the table are clouding a robust discussion about the merits or otherwise of the fee.
4.Where there is a major change proposed, we need to provide opportunities for broader input in addition to the input from stakeholder group representatives.

Further to removal of the fee from the 2016/17 Fees & Charges Schedule, Council today approved a number of other actions:
•Expand the draft prospectus/booklet on the Saleyards.
•Separately consider the new Multipurpose Facility.
•Undertake a full review of costs.
•Undertake a full review of fees and charges.
•Formalise a detailed Business Plan.
•Review our consultation framework.

“The additional steps will provide valuable input into future budget deliberations, and assist in providing further information on key areas of interest to our community”.  Cr Chambers said.

“On behalf of Council, I thank all buyers who supported the Roma Saleyards by making payment upon receipt of the invoice. We are grateful for their cooperation during a time of change.”

“In a constantly changing business environment, it is critically important that we work together to ensure that the Roma Saleyards remains the number one cattle selling centre in Australia – it is not something Council can achieve alone.”