Lightweight steers make over 4 dollars per kg at Roma Saleyards

Council’s Roma Saleyards has broken its own record with 406c/per kilogram for lightweight steers penned at Tuesday’s store sale.

The record continues to set the mark for the saleyards as the premier facility for landholders across the region and beyond.

Councillor Scott Wason Portfolio Chair for Saleyards said the excellent price is a reflection of some healthy competition.

"The Roma Saleyards continues to be the benchmark saleyards of the eastern seaboard in regards to quality and price of cattle," Cr Wason said.

"Tuesday was a very strong sale bringing in 6,685 head of cattle sold for over $6.148 million – a very high average of $919.76 per beast."

"Recent rain has certainly contributed to boosting the market, however more rainfall is always necessary for continued growth in the market."

The Roma Saleyards is both NSQA and EU accredited and offers a modern and fully maintained facility that sits on almost 50 hectares of land.

Auctions at the Roma Saleyards take place twice each week, on Tuesday and Thursday.