Roma cattle sales heat up at Tuesday's store sale

With steers hitting $3.46 per kilogram, a new Queensland record was broken and vendors from across the region and beyond reaped the benefit of the market.

Mayor Robert Loughnan said it is fantastic to see such excellent results coming out of the Maranoa Regional Council selling facility.

"Top steers saw an impressive price increase from last week (Tuesday, 30 June) at $3.18 per kilogram to $3.46 per kilogram – an encouraging outcome for graziers across the country," Cr Loughnan said.

Deputy Mayor Scott Wason, Portfolio Chair for Saleyards said the facility is ideally positioned for the local pastoral district and surrounding areas to access.

"As Australia’s largest selling centre, it is no wonder Roma is the number one choice for graziers in Queensland and parts of the Northern Territory and New South Wales," Cr Wason said.

"Beef continues to be an integral industry for our region, and it is encouraging to see solid sale results and a large amount of cattle through the centre, especially during the winter months."

"A majority of cattle through the facility on Tuesday came from the Maranoa, showing the strength in our local market. Cattle also came from outside the region, including Barraroo, St George, Jericho, Winton, Cloncurry, Julia Creek and Aramac."

The Roma Saleyards is both NSQA and EU accredited and offers a modern and fully maintained facility that sits on almost 50 hectares of land.

The winter weaner sales will continue next Tuesday, with a prime sale on Thursday. Auctions at the Roma Saleyards take place twice a week, all year round.