Roma Saleyards Multi-Purpose Facility Plans Progress

​Suppliers submitted a quotation response for the facility’s design; this includes the completion of stakeholder consultation, concept development, design, cost estimation and necessary approvals in preparation for the release of a tender for construction.

Council plans to seek external funding for construction of the Multi-Purpose Facility; a full detailed design is required for Council to pursue funding opportunities.

Councillor Peter Flynn, Portfolio Chair for the Roma Saleyards said as the complex is set to celebrate 50 years of operation in 2018, Council is keen to see the new Multi-Purpose Facility progress as quickly as possible.

“As the Roma Saleyards is the country’s largest selling complex and we are now operating out of a building that is almost 50 years old, an upgrade and expansion is needed,” Cr Flynn said.

“Currently there are a number of different office buildings onsite - it is planned that these will be incorporated into one new building to make a two storey multi-purpose facility for vendors, agents, buyers and canteen operators.

“Additionally it is planned that the Multi-Purpose Facility will be an extra attraction for our visitors touring the Roma Saleyards as it will showcase the history of the complex and the region’s cattle industry.”