Roma & Surrounds

Roma is the Maranoa’s central commercial hub, possessing a diverse economy, abundance of infrastructure and a relaxed lifestyle. The birth place of Australia’s oil and gas industry, Roma is also home to the largest cattle-selling centre in Australia.

Geographical Location
Located on the cross-roads of two major highways, Roma offers easy and efficient transport access. The Warrego Highway (running east/west) is a national highway that links Brisbane with Darwin and the Carnarvon Highway (running north/south) links Roma to northern centres, such as Rockhampton and Cairns and south to New South Wales and Victoria.

Key Industry Sectors
Roma offers a complete range of retail and professional businesses which service the local and surrounding communities. It also has a number of first class meeting and conference facilities. With its cafes, restaurants and specialty shops, Roma has a cosmopolitan feel without losing its country charm and hospitality.

Agriculture features prominently in the region’s economic landscape. It is estimated the Maranoa has 1-2 million head of cattle, representing approximately 13% of Queensland’s beef cattle herd. The largest cattle-selling centre in Australia is located in Roma, where sales are held every Tuesday and Thursday. It is estimated the Saleyards operations contribute approximately $19 million to the economy every year, making it a truly beneficial asset to Roma’s business owners and residents.

For more information about the Roma Saleyards, click here.

Roma has developed into a highly advanced CSG support centre. Two major resource-sector proponents (Santos and Origin) have a significant presence in Roma, as do several CSG service companies, including Schlumberger and Halliburton. In addition to the two major CSG projects (APLNG & GLNG), Roma is ideally located to service the emerging opportunities in the Cooper Basin (western Queensland and northern South Australia), with numerous local companies exporting goods and services to this up-and-coming energy region.

Hodgson & Muckadilla
A growing satellite suburb, Hodgson is a short 18.5 km drive west of Roma and boasts a strong agriculture sector.
Muckadilla is situated 40km west of Roma on the Warrego Hwy. With many sheep and cattle properties surrounding the town, Agriculture is a major industry. Tourism is a growing sector in Muckadilla, with historical and scenic tours already well established. Muckadilla is serviced by a fuel station and a hotel motel.