Surat & Surrounds

Located on the Balonne River, Surat provides a laid-back lifestyle, further enhanced by its active community and diverse range of cultural, sport and recreational activities. Historically, Surat was the site of a Cobb & Co changing station which has been preserved by the Surat community. The Cobb & Co Changing Station now forms the centre of the community’s cultural hub.

Geographical Location
Surat lies 80km to the south of Roma on the Carnarvon Highway and is also located on the Great Inland Way – a strategic tourism drive route spanning 2,700km from Sydney to Cairns.

Key Industry Sectors
The agricultural industry is strong in Surat, with farming and grazing prevalent on the land surrounding the town. Some of the properties in this area host the largest grain producers of the region. Surat is also home to an active tourism industry, with one of the region’s most popular caravan sites, Fisherman’s Rest, located on the banks of the Balonne River at the town’s entrance.

Surat has a lively business centre which offers a range of businesses and services to cater for the needs of locals and travellers.  These include government services, café, newsagency, hairdresser, food store, automotive and agricultural supplies, post office, pharmacist, butcher, nursery, and QGAP services.

Begonia, Teelba & Wycombe
A steady agricultural sector supports these towns, contributing to one of the Maranoa region's major industries.