General Information


Following further announcements from the Australian Government this week about local government community facilities, Maranoa Regional Council and the Roma Livestock Agents Association are taking additional proactive steps to limit the size of gatherings at Roma Saleyards Store Sales.

It is recognised that the Saleyards provide an essential service to the regional and Australian beef industry, and in these times it is particularly important that supplies to the market are maintained.  Therefore, Roma Saleyards remains open for business and continues to encourage healthy competition with its weekly Tuesday Store Sales.  However the increased measures are being introduced to ensure that only essential participants are onsite. 

The health and wellbeing of registered buyers, agents and workers is our highest priority. To ensure their safety Maranoa Regional Council and Roma Livestock Agents Association are advising that entry to Roma Saleyards for sales will be limited to the following essential attendees:
  • Essential agents
  • Registered active buyers with genuine intention to purchase
  • Saleyard workers (MRC staff, Contractors AAM Operations and Outcross Systems) and
  • Transport coordinators (one representative from each company)

However, anyone experiencing cold or flu symptoms are requested to stay away from the facility altogether.

​Every attendee will be required to register their attendance to be permitted entry (including all workers). If an attendee's presence is deemed non-essential, entry will not be granted.

Attendees will enter the Saleyards through one entrance which will be located on the entry to the main catwalk near the Stud Stock Selling Arena.  Once onsite, attendees must practise social distancing by creating a 1.5m distance from others, exercise good hygiene i.e. wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitiser (which has been placed in key locations).

Transport operators will continue to report to the Load In/Out Office where they will register their attendance when cattle are delivered.

Vendors will shortly be updated through the Roma Livestock Agents Association, and the community will be updated through Council's communication networks.

Additional measures include the availability of disposable gloves and masks for those interested. Increased cleaning will be undertaken during peak periods.

The Roma Saleyards eatery (dining area) will remain closed with take-away food available from the serving window (near the Interpretive Centre). The Roma Saleyards tours remain temporarily discontinued.

Maranoa Regional Council and Roma Livestock Agents Association welcomes active buyers to the cattle auctions.  However other people onsite will be limited to essential attendees.

We recognise that the management of this pandemic is continually evolving, with measures that can sometimes change on a near-daily basis. We will continue to monitor and implement any recommendations and control measures advised by the Australian and Queensland Governments.


Maranoa Regional Council is excited to announce the Roma Saleyards Interpretive Centre is open 8am to 5pm every day including weekends.

Visitors must adhere to the Queensland Government's 4 square metres per person rule by ensuring a maximum of 10 people are exploring the Interpretive Centre at any one time.

Upon entry, visitors are asked to sign in and wear the provided gloves while interacting with the displays. Visitors are also encouraged to use the provided hand sanitiser.

Every day, apart from Tuesdays, the centre will not be physically regulated however staff will be monitoring live CCTV footage to ensure compliance.

Upon completion of exploring the Interpretive Centre, visitors are encouraged to continue on with their journey.

All areas, except for the main administration building, remain limited to essential agents, registered active buyers with genuine intention to purchase, saleyard workers, Council staff, contractors and transport coordinators (one representative from each company).

​Maranoa Regional Council thanks the community for their cooperation during these uncertain times. 

​​​General Information​​

The Roma Saleyards is the largest cattle selling centre in Australia, with 372,648 cattle sold through the yards in the 2014/15 financial year.

The saleyards, which are known for their record breaking sales, are the number one choice for many graziers in Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

Being both National Saleyard Quality Assurance (NSQA) and European Union (EU) accredited, Roma Saleyards offer a modern, safe and fully maintained facility situated on almost 50 hectares.

Auctions are conducted every Tuesday commencing at 8am, with special sales such as Bull Sales, Herd Dispersal Sales and Special Breed Sales held according to demand.

Tours of the Roma Saleyards are held on select days. Please note sales can be changed and/or cancelled at short notice. Council recommends that for the best experience, and up to date sale information please contact the Roma Visitor Information Centre by calling (07) 4622 8676.​

Master Plan

​The saleyards and the beef industry itself are entrenched in Roma’s history and play a key part in the region’s economic growth.

The Roma Saleyards Master Plan has been developed with a view to creating a thriving hub of business opportunities and to ‘value add’ to the Saleyards precinct.

An advisory committee is currently gathering feedback on the plan to bring before Council.

The Roma Saleyards delivers huge economic benefits to the region and provides easy access to services for rural producers. 

Truck Wash

The three-bay Roma Saleyards Truck Wash facility is an important feature of the saleyards, catering for approximately four times the previous customer throughput, by providing additional wash bays.

The design has improved functionality and reduced waiting periods by up to an hour. The facility also reduces the overall quantity of bore water used in the washing process, improves the quality of the discharge and recycles/re-uses the treated discharge.

Designed by Struxi and built by local builders SM and KA Duff, the truck wash was completed in 2015 and has been operating with encouraging reviews ever since.

This project was funded by Maranoa Regional Council ($1 million), the State's Royalties for the Regions program ($1.5 million) and Santos GLNG ($500,000).

Maranoa Regional Council's Roma Saleyards Truck Wash was named a state winner at the 2016 Building Design Association Queensland (BDAQ) Awards.

Winning in the category for Best Special Project, the truck wash received accolades from some of the industry's best designers.​