Maranoa Events





Food Truck Friday Truck Friday2019-06-15T06:00:00Z2019-12-14T09:00:00Z
Carers mens BBQ dinner for movember mens BBQ dinner for movember2019-11-22T07:00:00ZFeeling stuck, looking for practical, useful support? 2019-11-22T12:00:00Z
Bloomin' Women Workshop - Surat' Women Workshop - Surat2019-11-29T23:30:00ZNourished women bloom like flowers!2019-11-30T02:30:00Z
My Maranoa Christmas Street Party Maranoa Christmas Street Party 2019-12-05T07:00:00Z2019-12-05T10:30:00Z
Edrine Keegan School of Ballet Keegan School of Ballet2019-12-06T08:30:00ZEdrine Keegan School of Ballet proudly present the our Annual Charity Concert in support of the Roma Lions Drought Relief Fund. 2019-12-06T10:00:00Z
Australian Nature Inspired Children’s Art Activities’s-art-activitiesAustralian Nature Inspired Children’s Art Activities 2020-01-28T06:00:00Z2020-04-03T07:00:00Z
Roma Plough Day and Tractor Pull 2020 Plough Day and Tractor Pull 20202020-05-03T00:00:00ZRoma Plough Day and Tractor Pull 20202020-05-03T08:00:00Z