Maranoa Events




150 Years of Local Government in Roma Years of Local Government in Roma2017-08-21T08:00:00Z2017-08-27T03:00:00Z
Seniors Week - Men's Shed Morning tea Week - Men's Shed Morning tea2017-08-23T23:00:00Z2017-08-24T00:00:00Z
Seniors Week - Seniors Games Week - Seniors Games2017-08-24T00:00:00Z2017-08-24T04:00:00Z
Seniors Week - Country Fair and Old Time Dance Week - Country Fair and Old Time Dance2017-08-24T23:00:00Z2017-08-25T03:00:00Z
Surat Riverside Markets August 2017 Riverside Markets August 20172017-08-25T22:00:00Z2017-08-26T03:00:00Z
Injune's Creative Odyssey's Creative Odyssey2017-08-25T22:00:00ZTwo days of creative learning fun. 2017-08-27T06:00:00Z
Surat Lions Fish and Chips Night Lions Fish and Chips Night2017-08-26T07:30:00Z2017-08-26T09:30:00Z
Breast Cancer Survivor Forum Cancer Survivor Forum2017-08-31T22:00:00Z2017-09-01T01:30:00Z
A Night with Opera Qld Night with Opera Qld2017-09-01T07:30:00ZA performance from Opera Qld - Friday, 1 September 20172017-09-01T12:00:00Z
Pinaroo Fundraising Dinner Fundraising Dinner2017-09-01T08:00:00ZRoma Rotary Club & Pinaroo Aged Care Facility2017-09-01T13:00:00Z