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select 5/06/2019 4:30 AM   -   7/06/2019 1:00 PM
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Event Information

​Maranoa Regional Council is holding FREE workshops to help residents learn how to turn their creative arts practices into a thriving, profitable business this June.

The free workshops will be held in:

Roma on Wednesday, 5 June
Roma Community Arts Centre from 4.30-7pm

Injune on Friday, 7 June

Injune Community Hall from 10am-1pm.  

About the workshop:

Selling online: The fundamentals

This workshop is all about selling online (and a bit more, besides). I share 10 things you really need to get a handle on if you're going to grow a successful handmade business.
Pricing with the head and the heart 
This workshop is all about pricing. First, pricing with the 
'Head' - which means crunching the numbers to see what you need to be charging in order to cover all your costs and make at least some profit. Then, pricing with the 'Heart' - using research, emotion and brand positioning to arrive at a final number.

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