Arts in the Maranoa

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Join in on the many activities that are on offer this month at your local community art groups.​

Roma Patchwork and Crafters Quilt and Craft Show
Due to Government social distancing restrictions, this year's Roma Patchwork and Crafters Quilt and Craft Show went virtual. To admire the exquisite entries click here.​

Tony W Studios
Galleries have also temporarily closed due to Government social distancing restrictions. Artist, Tony Walker, has revamped his website and presents a collection of his work virtually. To view the pieces click here.  ​

Roma Walk of Art

​​Friday, 25 September - Friday, 30 October
An exhibition by C & K Maranoa Community Kindergarten 

Roma on Bungil Gallery​    

​Friday, 25 September - Sunday, 15 November
An exhibition by the Touring Exhibition of the 2019 Queensland Regional Art Awards

​Friday, 20 November - Sunday, 20 December
An exhibition of works by Rosemary Howe (Carson) & Belinda Perkins

Mitchell on Maranoa Gallery
Thursday, 10 September - Saturday, 24 October 
An exhibition by Vicki Saunders and other ​

Saturday, 31 October - Saturday, 12 December 
An exhibition by three local creatives

Surat on Balonne Gallery
Saturday, 8 August - Saturday, 21 November
An exhibition by Tony Walker
Injune Creek Gallery​
Friday, 18 September - Monday, 2 November 
An exhibition by Trina Patterson and Andrew McDougall

​For more information visit or call 1300 007 662.​