Draft Economic & Community Plans

Providing local employment and access to quality lifestyles are the focus of 11 integrated draft plans released by the Maranoa Regional Council as part of its 'Connected Futures' approach to business and community development.

This approach recognises that we need both local jobs and quality lifestyles for sustainable communities.

The draft Maranoa Economic and Community Plan and 10 local community plans are ready for a final round of public consideration. You can download copies of the plans from the Council website, or visit a Council library or customer service centre.

The draft plans are available for comment from 14 May 2018 to 11 June 2018.

Maranoa Regional Council will review all community comments before adopting the plans.

The plans describe 'what' is proposed for the Maranoa region and each local community.

Implementation of the plans depends on community organisations, businesses, Council and government agencies developing action plans which set out 'how' to achieve the objectives in those plans.

Partnerships will be needed for implementation of many objectives.

The Maranoa Economic and Community Plan provides Maranoa-wide strategies for business and industry, tourism, arts and culture and sport and recreation. It also has Maranoa-wide objectives for services such as health, aged care, education and transport, as well as objectives for employment, environment, and community well-being.

The region-wide Maranoa Economic and Community Plan gives a framework for the 10 local community plans.

The draft plans build on community feedback provided in 2016 and 2017.

Under the 'Connected Futures' approach to better connect jobs and lifestyles, the Maranoa Economic and Community Plan and the 10 local plans integrate previously separate documents. 

To view the draft Maranoa Economic & Community Plan, click here​.​

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​Council welcomes comments and feedback on the draft Economic & Community Plans.

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'​Connected Futures' is a joint initiative of Maranoa Regional Council and the Queensland Government.