My Mitchell, My Amby, My Dunkeld & My Mungallala

​​​​​Council is working with the community to update the existing lifestyle and economic development strategies to more closely align with the Community Plan.  

The consultation process has involved focus group sessions throughout the Maranoa. During these meetings, Councillors have sought comments and ideas from community members which will assist to sustain and grow the respective local communities. ​

During focus group sessions, discussions have centred on the seven developmental themes as defined in the Maranoa Community Plan.

Please click here to view the collated feedback received so far. To add to the conversation, please submit contact details and comments her​e​

Comments will be sent to the relevant local development officer and feedback can also be submitted via email to ​​​

The first round of comments closed for submission on Tuesday, 31 January 2017, however the community is encouraged to continue to provide feedback.

For further information or assistance please contact the relevant Council Local Development Officer by calling 1300 007 662.​