Council's Roma Water Projects update

Below is an update of some of Council's complete, current and upcoming projects.

Miscamble Street Reservoir and Booster System

Miscamble Street Reservoir and Booster System has been brought online today (27 September 2018). Residents north of Miscamble Street (between Lalor Street and Hunter Street) will see an improvement in pressure, especially during summer when water usage is at its highest.

This project was funded by Maranoa Regional Council to address pressure problems experienced by residents.

​Roma Water Main Augmentation

Edwardes Street North Water Main Renewal

The current water main is reaching the end of its useful life and is not able to keep up with demand. A new water main has been installed and houses will be switched over to the new main. The current main will be decommissioned when it cannot be sustained. This project was completed this year and is located on Edwardes Street North between Lovell Street and Miscamble Street. Residents on Edwardes Street North will see an improvement in water pressure during peak times.

Northern Road Water Main Augmentation

This project is currently underway with completion anticipated in October (weather permitting). The project is set to improve water pressure to the areas north of Miscamble Street and east of Northern Road. The recently commissioned Bore 19 will pump directly into the Northern Road Water Main to service this area.

Quintin Street Water Main Renewal

The next project to commence is the Quintin Street Water Main Renewal. The new water main will run along Quintin Street between Raglan Street and Chrystal Street. Works will replace an aging water main and are scheduled to commence in October.

The Roma Water Main Augmentation has been proudly funded by the Queensland Government's Building our Regions program in association with Maranoa Regional Council.


Upgrade to Bore 12 on Bungil Street

A new reservoir and booster system has been installed off Bungil Street with minor pipework, electrical works and dosing still to be completed. It is anticipated that Bore 12 and the new booster system will be brought online in October, just in time for summer. This project will provide more consistent pressure to the area north of Bungil Street, (currently supplied by the water tower in Bowen Street). 

The Bore 12 Reservoir and Booster has been funded by the Queensland Government's Works for Queensland program.