First residents connect to the new Hodgson bore

​The 408 metre deep bore, which draws from the Gubberamunda aquifer, was built primarily to service the stock route which passes through the township and to assist drought affected communities when the time calls for it.

However, Hodgson community members are pleased to be taking advantage of the non-potable bore water for everyday use.

Councillor Puddy Chandler, Portfolio Chair for Rural Services, says it's great to see this new water service come to completion.

"The community of Hodgson now have a permanent water supply, which will greatly improve their way of life, and it's fantastic to see residents already connected and using the bore water on their lawns and gardens" Cr Chandler said.

"Not only is the new bore and associated infrastructure a fantastic addition to the Maranoa's stock route network, but the Hodgson community can continue to grow with the assurance that reliable water is just a turn of a tap away."

The first resident to be connected to the bore was recently retired John Gray, whose new home and block of land was ready to go when the project came to completion.

"There's a lot of excitement around this bore, and since I've had my water connected and they see me hosing they can't wait to get connected too," said Mr Gray.

"As a community now we'll all be able to have gardens, water our lawns and make our places look a lot better."

Construction of the Hodgson Community Water Facility Project was completed in November 2016 and was a joint initiative of Council and the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning through the Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program.

Residents still looking to connect to the bore can contact Council's Rural Services team for an application form on 1300 007 662.