Love your pooch - register your dog to avoid a fine

​In February, Council again resolved to tackle unregistered dogs in town areas with officers re-inspecting properties to locate dogs with non-compliant owners.

With immediate infringements applying, Council urges all dog owners to ensure their dogs are registered.

Registration makes it easier for lost dogs to be identified and reunited with their owners. If the owner is not located after three days, the dog is put up for adoption. If no new owner is found, and only as a last resort, the animal is euthanised.

Dog registration also aims to reduce the number of stray dogs within the Maranoa.

Key responsibilities of a dog owner include:

  • If your dog is three months or older, it must be registered annually (renewals are due 1 July each financial year) with Maranoa Regional Council;
  • Your dog is not to create a nuisance to others (i.e. barking or behaviour that may cause fear or injury to a person or another animal);
  • Your dog must not wander off your land without being under a person's effective control;
  • You must walk your dog on a lead when in a public place and the registration tag must be worn when off the property;
  • If your dog defecates in a public place, you must clean up and dispose of the waste in a sanitary manner;
  • Ensure the general welfare of your dog at all times; and
  • Be sure to get your dog microchipped (even if you are giving/selling it).


Registering your dog/s is simple with pensioner discounts available. For example, if you register your dog in April this year the costs are as follows (calculated via pro-rata):

Entire Dog (not de-sexed) - $15.00

De-sexed Dog - $8.25

Microchipped Dog - $13.75

De-sexed & Microchipped - $5.00

To avoid a fine, Council encourages dog owners to ensure they register their dogs as soon as possible at your nearest Council Customer Service Centre or call 1300 007 662.