Reminder to keep your pets cool this summer

​Hot weather and stormy conditions can see animals, dogs in particular, escape the confines of their yard and go wandering.

Councillor Puddy Chandler, Portfolio Chair for Community Safety said that to keep your pets and our residents in town safe, please ensure your dog has everything it needs to keep cool and secured at home.​​

“Our Community Safety team has picked up a number of wandering dogs over the last few days. This could be due to the extreme temperatures and storms in the area,” Cr Chandler said.

“We have seen a significant drop in the number of dogs we have picked up over the last twelve months – we can continue that way if our communities work together to keep their dogs safe at home and as comfortable as possible in this weather.”

Following are some tips for pet owners:
  • Check your pet’s water bowl as often as possible to make sure they have clean, fresh water.
  • If heading off for work, or away for a few hours, ensure the bowl is big enough to hold enough water for the whole day. Additionally, leave two or three water bowls – in case one is tipped over.
  • Make sure your pet has access to shade – dog houses do not provide adequate ventilation so it is best to have your dog in an open shaded space where they can escape the sun.
For more tips to keep your furry friends cool and healthy during the hot summer months, visit