Master Plans

​​​​Bassett Park Master Plan

Roma’s Bassett Park is the region's largest recreational facility. The venue is used for a number of private and public events throughout the year, including race meets, campdrafts, rodeos, rugby league and rugby union games, as well as the annual Roma Show.

The 40 year old venues infrastructure and layout needed reviewing; considerable maintenance costs and significant growth in the Maranoa have resulted in a heightened need for a modernised facility in Roma.

To secure the precinct as a multipurpose entertainment, sporting and recreational facility and advance the region's sport and recreational opportunities, Council engaged consultancy firm MAK Planning and Design to develop a Master Plan for Bassett Park.
This Master Plan provides Council with a plan to develop and maintain the precinct and its services to ensure the existing and future needs of both the Roma and wider Maranoa communities are met.

Creating the Master Plan involved a significant level of consultation with Councillors, Council staff, the Bassett Park Master Planning Advisory Group, sport and recreation groups and the general community. This consultation explored the specific wants, needs and future plans of the community and user groups.

Download the Bassett Park Master Plan

Regional Youth Precinct Master Plan

Council employed the services of ROSS Planning consultants to review all youth precincts in the Maranoa through consultation with regional youth to capture their ideas on what is required for further upgrades within these areas. 

An element of the project was to work with school children in all towns to design their skate signage and devise a list of rules that they believed to be relevant for these areas. 

Council prides itself on engaging with local youth to foster civic pride and duty during decision making. An opportunity was provided for residents and members of regional youth organisations to offer submissions if desired.

Download the Regional Youth Precinct Master Plan

Maranoa Regional Sport and Recreation Strategy

The purpose of the project is to research and develop a comprehensive Regional Sports and Recreation Plan encompassing all communities of the Maranoa Regional Council area and identifying future development and management needs, opportunities and priorities for sport and recreation throughout the region. 

These precincts are an avenue for exercise and health enhancement in addition to an area to facilitate social interaction within the communities for local youth. Sport and recreation activities are pivotal to enhancing and maintaining healthy communities. 

The Maranoa region offers a diverse range of recreational activities aimed at engaging local and visiting youth.​

Download the Maranoa Regional Sport and Recreation Strategy

Maranoa Regional Trails Strategy

The Trails Strategy involved a complete assessment and audit of existing recreational trails including:

  • An audit of existing recreational trail infrastructure;
  • Identification of ongoing maintenance requirements;
  • Research and analysis of recreational trail usage trends and identification developmental opportunities throughout the region and associated community benefits;
  • Identification and detailed mapping of recreational trails throughout the region particularly focusing on outdoor nature-based activities e.g. cycling, bushwalking, mountain biking, horse riding, motor cross;
  • Determination of user group needs and requirements in relation to trail location, design, access, infrastructure and information;
  • Identification of opportunities to link and cross promote with other trail networks outside the region;
  • Liaise with user groups to identify information and complimentary services requirements;
  • Identification of possible funding sources and business development opportunities.​​

Download the Maranoa Regional Trails Strategy

Multi-Purpose Equestrian Complex Feasibility Study

Council endorsed the Multi-Purpose Equestrian Complex Feasibility Study at their General Meeting held on 8 October 2014.
The study complements the Bassett Park Master Plan and explores the feasibility of constructing a multi-purpose equestrian complex on land to the north of Bassett Park, on McPhie Street in Roma.  

The facility is intended to accommodate equestrian events however all types of community events, not limited to equestrian, were considered for the wider Maranoa region and its immediate catchment.
The study has:

  • identified the current and future demand for such a facility, which will inform planning for its development and influence management practices
  • considered the influence of demographic, social, economical, environmental and including and analysis of leisure trends on the demand for the facility
  • identified and interpreted key elements essential to the successful operations of regional equestrian facilities, such as design standards, optimal space and multi purpose usage, considering “like” equestrian complexes, e.g. Capella, Caboolture and Charters Towers (but not limited to these facilities)
  • undertaken an analysis of all previous investigations of this nature undertaken by Council to date and align with community needs which have been identified in recent consultation with key stakeholders
  • assessed the needs of spectators, events operators and the facility manager to influence design, and estimate a cost benefit to the Maranoa region
  • provided a design for the facility and provides indicative costs for its staged development
  • provided an indicative annual operational budget in 3 trading scenarios, High, Medium and Low, including analysis of break even
  • investigated essential roles for human resources
  • staged methodology, including a detailed cost breakdown for each component and stage of development.

The consultant has worked with members of the Bassett Park Advisory Committee, Councillors and Council staff as well as current and potential user groups to ascertain local support for this infrastructure within the Maranoa region.

Council will actively seek funding to construct this facility.  The study will be used to support Council in developing funding applications.​​

Download the Multi-Purpose Equestrian Complex Feasibility Study