Surat & Surrounds

​​​​Population: 426
Average Maximum ​Temperature: 34.2°C
Average Minimum Temperature: 4.2°C
Did you know?: Legend has it surveyor Major Edward Lewis Burrowes named the town after his former residence in the Madras Province of India in 1849. From June 1850 Surat was used as a location for holding 'Courts of Petty Sessions' for the Maranoa region.

On The Great Inland Way, 78 kms to the south of Roma along the Carnarvon Highway you will find the picturesque township of Surat. Historically the site of a Cobb & Co changing station, the Surat community has preserved this precious remnant of their history. Today, as in the past, the Cobb & Co Changing Station forms the centre of the community’s cultural hub.

Steeped in history and the ‘boom time’ of the wool growing industry, Surat is an ideal destination for anyone wishing to reconnect with history of the pioneering spirit of life on the land. The Cobb & Co Changing Station - the original site of the Cobb & Co Store and drop-off point for coach travellers and goods, houses a museum of regularly changing displays depicting the lifestyles of yesteryear. The museum is also home to a 14-seater Cobb & Co coach and houses the Surat on Balonne Gallery.

With the Balonne River on its door step, Surat is a haven for fishing, bird watching and more active aquatic pursuits such as water-skiing or jet-skiing. The Surat riverside parklands and river walk provide serene and relaxing surrounds with both natural landscape and river views.

A visit to the Surat Aboriginal Bush Gardens is a must. A bush campsite is the centrepiece of the garden which features a range of native plants used for traditional Indigenous food and medicine.​